About Us

PT. Bengawan Karya Sakti manufacture engineering has an important role through infrastructure development in Indonesia.

Along with the development of technology and industry. PT. Bengawan Karya Sakti so far has given a great deal of contributuion in this sector, especially in lifting service and production of heavy trucks. The founder, Ir. Bengawan Ciang, has been involved in the manufacturing industry for more than 22 years.

Our experiences brought us to be able to maintain a professional image as a manufacture company. was established on April 11th 2007, contributed in the infrastructure development in Indonesia, and continually bring the best of ourselves to meet our clients expectations.

PT. Bengawan Karya Sakti is here to service you and fulfill transportation requirements in helping infrastructure development. The company specializing in truck, fuel tanks, arm rolls, cargo truck, crane and other special purpose vehicles which are needed for mining, road constructions, plantations, forestry environtmentals (garbage transportation system), etc. We provide you with the best products for lifting service in the business.

Our Vision :

To be a leader in manufacture engineering company
To give contribute in indonesia’s infrastructure development.

Our Mission :

Always do our best to meet our costumers satisfactions.
Bring the best in quality, Excellence and commitments
Negotiable, Good attitude and relationships as a partner